Wednesday, September 9, 2009


If you go to which is written by Tonu Onnepalu you will understand the shape and form of this post.

Tonu Onnepalu is the best writer--- as far as I know--- alive today in Estonia after the deaths of Mati Unt and Jaan Kross. His BORDER STATE is available in English. While his writing is rooted in his country he is not a prisoner of that country. I would have liked to avoid even mentioning his nationality but if you go to his site you will see that it is in Estonian. BORDER STATE has been published in all the major world languages. In France it appeared from Gallimard.

These photographs might be seen as the shades that live in Estonia. Of course they are scarecrows on the farm of Anna's brother and sister, near Tartu.

My incompetence has repeated certain of the images but then repetition is only a form of insistence as Gertrude Stein was fond of saying or writing.

There is another note to one of the images which is not of a shade but possibly, it really is.

These steps were built by Anna's father just before he fled Estonia in 1944. They are the last mark of his existance in Estonia.

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