Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Hermosa Beach.


i will miss next week's

Hermosa Beach Historical Society presents a night of "beat" poetry at the HBHS Museum, 710 Pier Avenue, celebrating the Beatnik movement in So Cal with Dr. Colin Campbell. 4:30 p.m.; Bob Hare, founder of the Insomniac, at 6:30, followed by poetry readings, live music, exhibits, refreshments and more.

I wonder about: "and more."


at the house here we watched SUNSET BOULEVARD.
I hope everyone has seen the movie.
One detail, Norma Desmond is fifty years old.
Her career is over and done with.
Made in 1950 it is still the best movie about the reality of Hollywood.


on the side of the Hermosa Beach Community Center,the former junior high school,



in Vons supermarket Liza made me a California Dreamin' sandwich. She had to follow the directions from a posted sign as she had forgotten how to make it since she had been off work for some time recuperating from breaking her Achilles tendon. She had come to California from West 112th Street in Manhattan because her brother and father were body builders.


we went to visit at her studio in a reclaimed former hangar at the Santa Monica Airport a Patchogian artist long resident in California. Patti M(then. She gave me a hardcover version of a recent gallery show---done with Minx B--- RIPE, A Collection of Passionate Poetry and Pears:

Dedicated to the Creative Force in each and ever one of us sourcing
our infinite capacity for passionate self-expression.

On the back of the book:

Ripe, a collection of Passionate Poetry and Pears is a compilation of recent poems and paintings by these two artists. Their decision to collaborate on this book was born from their deep friendship and mutual admiration. They have found both the process and the result satisfying and feel honored to be able to share themselves on the world through these pages.

Patti M told us she is now working on a series of "water lily" paintings.


after our visit to the Patchogian artist Patti M we drove up to the Getty Villa in Malibu. Rain had threatened earlier in the day. A sign was posted near the parking lot telling visitors they need not bring an umbrella. We discovered the museum had thoughtfully placed umbrella stands at convenient places through out the museum so any visitor could use one of the museum's own grand umbrellas.

Never in my life have I been in a museum more solicitous of the pleasure of its visitors.
Never have I been in a museum that so genuinely treated each and every visitor adult and child simply as being the most important person in the museum.
The level of thinking that had gone into the construction, the layout, the selection of the art and the careful full sized reproduction of a great Roman villa is a model that I know has no equal in the world.
Of course here is no admission charge.
The restaurant is modestly priced and the quality of the food is simply excellent.

It has long been maintained as we walked in the long formal gardens of the outer peristyle that there is really no value in looking at modern art, which in a real sense is non-existent and invisible.
When the French murdered their king during the so-called French Revolution... there was no longer any point to art. Art is the total slave of mere subjective fashion. It is no longer in service to something more than itself. Everything is now allowed so nothing is of...why say anymore about...

The Villa had a small exhibition devoted to Piranesi. On display was his Column of Trajan.


again, from my travel reading, from CHRIST VERSUS ARIZONA by Camilo Jose Cela.

::::what's bad is when a man wants to put his thoughts into another person's head, that's a sign that death is lurking nearby and feeling brave

::::what's bad is being a stranger, all strangers go around dragging a dirty, bloody history that they don't want to tell anyone, silence ends up making the bones ache, but anything is better than the gallows, strangers don't have any traditions and that's why they rob banks, and trains, they cheat at cards, they steal cows and horses and they shoot you in the back, tradition doesn't forbid robbing banks and trains or cheating at cards or stealing horses and cows but it does forbid killing a man from behind

(how a woman can keep a man from wandering)

::::and my mother knows a special caress, it's something exquisite, something that's pleasurable and that send a shiver right through you, she charges a bit more but it's worth the money, it's wonderful, she gets her mouth on your asshole, puts in her tongue a little and sucks hard, like a vacuum, it's called the "black kiss" and it was invented by Bonne Mere Mauricette, a madam from Napoleonville, near New Orleans, my mother does it to anyone who pays for it, I'm exempt, she doesn't charge me for it, afterwards she smiles, my mother always smiles sweetly


a letter is being sent from Glendale protesting the I HAVE A DREAM MATTRESS SALE, advertised in Sunday's Los Angeles Times, because it violates the spirit of the holiday being celebrated on Monday