Wednesday, March 30, 2011


He is not going to write about going to Oswiecim.
I am not going to write about going to Oswiecim.
Being in Krakow, taking a local train.
To and from.
A local train that stops at every station.
It seems to take forever.

Is there any pre-conceived idea of what will be seen?
He thinks since it is June there will be a lot of people about.
There will be signs all about telling a person what to do.
He is both hungry and not hungry and plans to eat when he gets back to Krakow where Piret is working at a conference devoted to ceramics.

There are always directions.

 Krakow is both a living city and a show city.  Much like New York or Paris, even if it is not the capital, there is a "feel" which launches a thousand brochures, so I took the train to Osviewim.


Staying/not staying.





When are you coming back.
 Been there.

Being taken.

Been there.

What I learned today.



 How to fill up the time.

 I know I have been there and you know I have been there.



going to Oswiecim...    
only tourists can see this view,those who came here before would not have been able to see this from where they were enclosed in those boxcars...

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