Wednesday, May 3, 2017


I have been thinking of the time when I knew these three writers.

Now, with some distance they continue to matter...

But in the present moment I made a list  of writers also from back then
Peter Rand
David Black
Craig Nova
Richard M. Elman
Frank MacShane
Hannah Green
David Huddle
Irini Spanidou
Karen Hubert
Steve Schrader
John Oliver Killens
Jakov Lind
William O'Rourke
Garth St. Omar
Chad Walsh
Meredith Sue Willis
Marcia Cebulska
Tom Milligan
Paul Spike
Thomas McGonigle
Gregory Orr
Bink Noll
Richard Perry
Edward Dahlberg
George Garrett
Al Levine
George Cain
David Ignatow
Sylvia Wilkinson
William Harrison
Tom Whalen

Do any of these writers or more importantly their books exist in some real way beyond the number of friends represented by the ten fingers of one's hands? 

How one tries to imagine there is still possibility but how faded that really seems...