Friday, August 5, 2011


The Los Angeles Times Book Section has officially become a ghost of its own self and while there will be no attempt to reproduce that newspaper’s section, or indeed all the various book sections which at one time filled newspapers across the country with an interest in books: think if you are old enough:  Newsday, The New York Herald Tribune, The Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun Times ( and please provide me with more newspapers) I was thinking of a shade, a far more intimate connection to a once living reality  may be brought back to life.  

So, if readers have found books that have not been reviewed or if they were reviewed, were reviewed badly, readers can use some of the space has carved from the fields of forgetfulness, to share these reports with the vast audience that is ever awaiting  new appearances  by mrans of  a new post at

Readers should send their reviews to me at and if I agree with your report I will put it up as soon as I can. 

The question of course is:  what will I put up at  The best way to determine if you are within the orbit of this moon, this shade, is by having wadded through several posts  where the writer’s prejudices are quite evident and I operate always at the level  of refined prejudice. 

Most of these newspapers continue on in their ghostly way, but as the audience for newspapers continues to disappear into the earth, I thought for a few more brief moments to keep  alive that sense of finally here is a book I have been waiting  all these years for … this happened to me and it is in the book columns I discovered: Thomas Bernhard, Gerhard Roth, Peter Nadas, Joseph Roth, Robert Pinget, Claude Simon, Alain Robbe-Grillet. Yashar Kemal, Yukio Mishima … most of what I learned in school and in America school goes from pre-kindergarten to post docs in nuclear physics…
You can share your own book but if you do that you have to share a book  you have discovered on the way to your own book…

Like Ezra Pound who provided the title for this blog, we are not interested in the starters of crazes, we know there are many writers of belles-lettres, and those who make up probably the bulk of the published, m good writers without salient qualities, and a trickier bunch, the diluters who water down as it were the masters and at those  at the top, the inventors, who are few in memory