Wednesday, September 17, 2008


"You live only as long as you can lie into the mug of anybody, and without batting an eye. And when you can't lie anymore, well, it's time to get hold of that razorblade."

from TRANQUILITY by Attila Bartis. (Archipelago Books)

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Anonymous said...

Jesus, Tom, what a nice sentiment.

I'll remember it when I read your two-column-inch obit in Newsday, or, if the luck of the Irish holds, the Times.

The poor son of a bitch was given ECT this summer.

You can make a Hemingway joke about that, too, but just remember Faulkner got ECT in 1952, halfway through writing A Fable, and came out of it to write The Mansion, The Town, and The Reivers. Which are not Light In August but are better than A Fable.

DFW couldn't come out.