Wednesday, November 26, 2008


In this coming Sunday's New York Times Book Review (November 30) Newsweek hack David Gates gives Toni Morrison's new novel A MERCY a black kiss.

The photograph of Morrison with bright light shining upon her face reminds one that surely BO will be inviting her to his inauguration to read as JFK invited a dottering Robert Frost.

Of course informed observers have reported that Morrison will receive her second Nobel Prize for literature next year since the Swedish Academy wishes to overcome its inherent racist attitudes as expressed in having only given her one Nobel Prize thus allowing people to compare her to Pearl Buck, the writer most people associate her name with when commenting on Morrison's first Nobel Prize.


Anonymous said...

I would agree at least with this: David Gates isn't really in a position to pass judgement. His "Jernigan" should have been called "Pedestrian." And what is Newsweek, really?

I liked "Song of Solomon" a great deal though.

Anonymous said...

I for one am not surprised by david gates' sick tirade against the venerable ms morrison... i suspect gates has had it in for black people ever since malcolm gladwell stole his frizzed out faux-'fro hairstyle. and one must never forget that no less a critical eminence than mechicko kakatini of the ny times probounced jernigan a great novel...